7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment

Last year, Sundar Pichai — World Health Organization heads up the mechanical man and Chrome groups for Google — declared that the Google Play store had over one million apps. Then, simply many months later, Tim Cook declared one million apps were out there within the Apple App Store. These numbers get promoted as a result of they demonstrate however massive, robust and healthy these ecosystems became. However, to anyone World Health Organization is making a mobile app these numbers square measure ugly.

With over two million apps out there publicly app stores competition for user engagement has become fierce. and since client app experiences square measure shaping enterprise app expectations even enterprise developers are not immune. Apps that fail to satisfy those expectations is (unofficially) replaced with employees’ own personal services (Google Docs, Dropbox, …).

Sundar Pichai saying that the Google Play store has over one million apps
To achieve success during this competitive area, mobile apps should provide users Associate in Nursing exceptional expertise. However, making exceptional mobile experiences is much easier aforementioned than done. Exceptional experiences aren’t the merchandise of wizard ideas, or hiring married woman specialists, or shopping for tools and services. Rather, they’re the results of

Updated: January 28, 2019 — 3:38 am

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