Identification of MPL R102P Mutation in Hereditary Thrombocytosis

The molecular basis of hereditary symptom is germline mutations poignant the thrombopoietin (TPO)/TPO receptor (MPL)/JAK2 signal axis. Here, we tend to report one family presenting 2 cases with a gentle symptom. By sequencing JAK2 and MPL committal to writing exons, we tend to known a germline MPL R102P heterozygous mutation within the proband and his girl.

Concomitantly, we tend to detected high TPO levels within the humour of those 2 patients. The mutation wasn’t found in 3 alternative unaffected cases from the family except in another proband’s girl World Health Organization failed to gift symptom however had a high TPO level.

The MPL R102P mutation was initial delineated in innate amegakaryocytic thrombopenia in a very homozygous state with a loss-of-function activity. it had been antecedently shown that MPL R102P was blocked within the endoplasmic reticulum while not having the ability to translocate to the cytomembrane. Thus, this case report identifies for the primary time that MPL R102P mutation will otherwise impact megakaryopoiesis: symptom or thrombopenia reckoning on the presence of the heterozygous or homozygous state, severally.

The inexplicable impact related to heterozygous MPL R102P is also thanks to subnormal cell-surface expression of wild-type MPL in platelets inducement a defective TPO clearance. As a consequence, increased TPO levels could activate bone cell progenitors that categorical a lower, however still enough level of MPL for the induction of proliferation.

Updated: December 30, 2018 — 5:47 am

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