Malicious mobile apps

(This Gregorian calendar month twenty-four story corrects throughout to mention that iDreamSky Technology Holdings Ltd didn’t develop the “Fruit Ninja” game deleted by the CAC, nor distributed by Tencent.) FILE PHOTO: A traveler plays a game on a smartphone at Tencent’s exhibition booth at the worldwide Mobile web Conference (GMIC) 2015 in the capital of […]

Quick Heal bets on enterprise business

Quick Heal Technologies is looking on its enterprise business to drive growth, while the native cybersecurity firm plans to additionally enter new segments among the retail, or client, space. The Pune-headquartered company can before long be launching a home network security answer, which might give protection to various functional devices by commutation the current router […]

PC security warning

Over 1/2 applications put in on Windows PCs square measure noncurrent, probably putting the protection of users in danger through flaws in a software package that have already been patched by vendors. Around fifty-five % of software package put in on PCs across the world is within the variety of AN older version of the […]

7 Common Myths About Android App:

1) associate degree new application doesn’t want offering: Each beginner engineer feels that inside the event that he or she’s going to take into account a powerful application it’ll offer freelance from anyone else; it needn’t trouble with promoting. Be that as a result of it’d, usually|this can be} often associate degree extended suggests that […]

Web Security

Web application security may be a branch of data Security that deals specifically with the safety of websites, internet applications, and network services. At a high level, internet application security attracts on the principles of application security but applies them specifically to {the internet|internet|cyber web|net|cyberspace|information superhighway|world wide web|Infobahn} and net systems. Oxagile may be a […]