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Something strange is presently happening with the browser version of the Play Store. Several games area unit was showing as incompatible with all devices once they clearly should not be. It does not matter if you’ve got purchased associate degree affected game or if you’ve got it installed; this odd bug can still show these titles as incompatible with all devices. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it hugely, however, at the least the Play Store application is not affected. Therefore you’ll be able to still install all of your games through the app on any of your devices.

Yep, zero compatible devices for a game I bought yesterday.

screenshot particularly of my devices area unit market as incompatible with the recently-released title Alien: Blackout. This is often a paid game that I purchased and put in yesterday, and because of this bug, I presently cannot install it on any of my devices mistreatment the Play Store web site. Right gets even alien after you notice that some games still show a correct device compatibility list. It might conjointly appear that applications aren’t affected in any respect. Therefore this drawback seems sole to be a problem for a selected set of games.

You can’t install any games suffering from this bug from the browser version of the Play Store.

I in person began to notice this drawback someday yesterday afternoon, and apparently, I used to be not the sole one as there’s presently a Reddit thread over at r/AndroidGaming that points out several games that area unit laid low with this drawback. Titles like Bendy and also the Ink Machine, Teslagrad, and Monster Hunter Stories all incorrectly list each humanoid device as incompatible once viewing them on the browser version of the Play Store. Even free releases like Asphalt nine area unit affected.

Has anyone else detected this problem? Area unit identical games showing as incompatible for you? To this point we’ve got no plan why this bug suddenly cropped au fait the browser version of the Play Store. However, we tend to reached bent on Google for a response and can update the article ought to we hear back.

Updated: January 4, 2019 — 10:13 am

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