Quick Heal bets on enterprise business

Quick Heal Technologies is looking on its enterprise business to drive growth, while the native cybersecurity firm plans to additionally enter new segments among the retail, or client, space.
The Pune-headquartered company can before long be launching a home network security answer, which might give protection to various functional devices by commutation the current router with its own.

Chief government Kailash Katkar told ET that there had been tons of potential beyond-antivirus product within the client house. “Apart from home network security, we tend to also are seeing the expansion that’s happening in home automation. Security may be a huge issue here and that we area unit was staring at tie-ups with firms during this house. Similarly, for the enterprise business, we have a tendency to area unit looking at the automation that’s afoot at SMEs,” he said.

While presently the enterprise business contributes but 2 hundredths to revenue, Katkar same that will seem to travel up to five hundredths over the following few years.

While fast Heal launched its enterprise business a decade agone, it started gaining traction solely when it housed the shop beneath the Securite whole four-year agone. Chief operative officer Vijay Mhaskar said: “We area unit engaged on innovations in terminus detection and response exploitation AI and machine learning which might facilitate with period protection.”
The company is additionally strengthening its data-loss-prevention, and coding capabilities which might be a critical element within the quite protection enterprises would like once the new knowledge Protection Law comes into force.

It has been operating with different government departments for essential sectors just like the navy and coast guard and expects the business from this section to extend going forward. The corporate, that created three acquisitions within a previous couple of years, same it remained on the lookout for additional opportunities within the product house.

Set up twenty-five years agone as associate antivirus supplier, fast Heal is that the solely Indian company to possess a sizeable presence within the antivirus and cybersecurity section. Whereas larger enterprises still choose to take their business to the MNCs, fast Heal features a strong presence within the client and SME segments. “There area unit customers WHO have fully grown with North American country and WHO still use our product — we tend to use them as relevance get alternative customers from similar verticals. That’s however we tend area unit growing our enterprise business,” same Katkar.

An analyst following fast Heal same whereas there weren’t the other Indian security corporations of comparable size, the international ones were a lot of larger — thus it had been tough to benchmark the corporate against either. “The enterprise business is doing well, and that we expect it to be the expansion driver for them,” he said.

What worked to the company’s advantage was that it started making solutions to Indian viruses, same Katkar’s brother and also the chief technology officer at fast Heal, Sanjay. “We centered on what the contestant didn’t have which got North American country acceptance from the market,” he said.

Even finding distributors for the merchandise was robust within the late Nineteen Nineties as folks solely wished to stock MNC brands. The Katkars then approached laptop retailers and convinced them to begin merchandising their antivirus answer, and today, the corporate features a pan-India started of over twenty-three,500 distribution partners. The corporate presently protects nearly to nine million endpoints and works with thirty-two,000 enterprise customers.

Updated: January 28, 2019 — 8:33 am

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