Super VOOC Charging Tech

Oppo designed and Developed its Own quick Charging technology, called VOOC. VOOC indicate Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging.

The Basic Principle of charging a tool is to place the Energy into Battery, wherever Power is measured by Watt. the upper quantity of Watt the Fst will battery Charge. a standard USB two.0 Port Work on 5V and zero.5A (2.5W), 5V and 2A Generate 10W. quick Charger carries 9V and one.67A to get 15W. Oppo VOOC uses 5V and 4A (20W) whereas alternative quick charging charger used 9V and one.67A (15W).

Smartphone battery charged into 2 Steps, The Device 1st turn on to eightieth in Step 1st then another 2 hundredth within the Second Step. The SuperVOOC flash charging will Charge Oppo realize X comes With a 3730mAh Batter zero to 100 percent in 35Minutes that Uses 50W. Hence, The Device Charged five hundredth in fifteen Min that is that the start. within the Second Step, it takes seventy fifth in 20Min, and ninety two in Half-and Hour. Super VOOC Charging goes zero to a hundred in thirty five minutes

The Oppo SuperVOOC Work on each MicroUSB and USB Type-C, Oppos Says it Directly transferring the ability to the battery with none Voltage Conversion. It Doesn’t mean that it’s Unsafe Oppo uses five levels of protection layering from the adapter to the port and interior of the phone.

The VOOC use High Voltage that raises the temperature around eight degrees stargazer or a lot of, wherever oppo replaced the Voltage reducing circuit with associate MCU. that facilitate to forestall our device warming whereas Charging.


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SuperVOOC charging ought to designed to Support end-to-end Solutions, as a result of the battery, is to Divide in 2 2 battery Cell. that facilitate to double the charging capability, Super VOOC Charge Itself With 10V/5A.

Super VOOC is barely completely obtainable for Oppo Smartphone until currently, however Oppo Sister Company victimisation this Technology in there Devices. Oneplus as Dash Charging, Vivo as twin Engine quick Charging and Realme will Used this Technology in there coming Devices. that is solely Sharing VOOC Technology.

Let us apprehend Did you would like to examine this Technology in alternative Smartphone to? Share your Views within the Comment Section Below. keep tuned for a lot of fascinating Article.

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